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Welcome to the twenty first century where having a presence on the Internet is your key to success; a success that goes beyond your wildest imagination. Welcome to a free and limitless world in which every unique idea, product, and / or service is rewarded immensely. To reach that world you need the partner who will connect you. Dot Connect is here to help you connect to that world. So please join us on our journey to success.

Internet is an ever growing and changing world; it rewards those who adapt and innovate. Dot Connect is the leader in implementing new online technologies. We help you attain the best possible presence on the internet through cutting edge designs and advanced distribution techniques. With Dot Connect you focus on your content headlines and we take care of all the technical requirements to connecting you to the web.


Internet in its modern form is realized to be a great gift of technology. It has become the most dependable source for all aspects of entertainment, communication, advertising, information … etc. The affirmative influence of internet is highlyexperienced in the business world, as the introduction of internet has revolutionized the way we do our business. It is important to note that business success, which is based on product quality and sustainability, is also very much dependent on the crucial factors of visibility and recognition. It is only through reaching the global market that you can be visible and recognized by the world, which may be achieved through effective product promotion and campaigning. Internet with its modern tools and advancements provides perfect communication media and helps you reach the global market through online digital marketing. By having yourown website, you can attain global reach for selling your products and services to the potential customers. Internet has become the most cost-effective way to advertise and promote businesses, and it therefore makes full sense to boost your business growth by having its distinct global identity.

Dot Connect

Dot Connect “Web Solutions” is a multi-faceted company specializing in website design, web applications, content copywriting, logo and corporate ID design, Search Engine Optimization, digital marketing, social media management, presentation videos, 3D Interactive Designs, and others.

With its extensive experience and its teams of professional designers and computer experts, Dot Connect has professionally served businesses for all their website design and Search Engine Optimization needs in Saudi Arabia.

Dot Connect can help you bring your business to the top ten search results in the major search engines. The SEO services include Arabic & English Search Engine Optimization, targeting of specific geographical territory, Mobile SEO, Online Reputation Management, Relevant Social Media Traffic, Brand Name Visibility, Google Map SEO and Video SEO, Link Building, Content Writing and digital Marketing.

In addition, Dot Connect is geared to provide you with cutting edge website designs for unique and attractive web presence. Through their distinct logo designs and brand design, you can easily communicate with your potential audience while standing out from others.

Also, Dot Connect is Saudi Arabia’s first company which can facilitate you with advanced medical animation that is tailored to exceed the expectations of clients.

We strive hard for your success and that is why we offer a complete package of web solutions. You can view Dot Connect as your one stop partner for all of your website needs.
For all your business website design and SEO needs in Saudi Arabia, Dot Connect is a one stop destination.


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