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Social Media Management



Our social media strategies and implementation procedures are based on the results of extensive analysis. We study of social media trends to apply a specified and unique marketing strategy to our clients with considering the client's long and short term marketing aims. Our services provide a complete social media marketing strategy which will culminate in highly successful results for business.

Dot Connect "Web Solutions" is comprised of an innovative and seasoned group of social media marketing professionals with extensive experience in the world of social media, trust us and enjoy the success.


According to our research, major businesses are using social media effectively, and they are focusing on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Targeted audiences have been showing big interest in these trends. Social media has been influencing your business in several ways like building loyalty, describing why the product is different, understanding customer concerns and worries and gathering customer feedback in addition to build the awareness about your competitive advantages.


As a result of extensive analysis for Digital Marketing in Saudi Arabia, we found that Facebook penetration rate is 36.6%, Twitter penetration rate is 30% and Instagram penetration rate is 29%. Those 3 social media channels are the most popular and effective in Saudi Arabia.

In our strategy, we will focus on those 3 social media channels (Facebook, Twitter and Instagram). In addition, we will post articles manually on each channel to ensure the professional look of your posts.


Upon implementation of the social media marketing strategy, our analysis projects the following outcomes:

  1. Reach to the maximum number of targeted people in targeted areas.
  2. Deliver marketing messages; more information about your products/services … etc.
  3. Increase the awareness of your products/services and their competitive advantages.
  4. Understand customers’ worries and concerns.
  5. Gather customer feedback.


Our dedicated social media marketing team will understand your business activities and marketing aims to start writing your articles and choose the correct picture for each and every article. On the other hand, we will manage your advertisements on the social media channels for the best ROI.


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