SMS Marketing

Use of SMS in advertising expeditions:

Advertising is considered to be one of the most important means of direct marketing, as advertising targets a particular category that has depicted a prior interest in a specific product or service. Consequently direct targeting of this category by an advertisement that fulfills its desire realizes a better contract for lower costs. This is achieved through innovative marketing ideas that serve all categories: starting from services directed to business sector and ending in individual services. To that end the company employs marketing technologies in order to achieve marketing objectives.

Directed or oriented advertising is considered to be among the most powerful methods of advertising as well as viewed as the most reliable of all by to advertiser. Other advertisements of TV channels and other media is considered to be very costly, demanding continuity, long time persistence and diversification in various channels or papers for the advertisement to reach all categories of the society.

The way of transmitting an advertisement:

All types of categories may be targeted through the use of databases of Dot Connect by SMS direct advertisement.

The main idea behind direct advertising is collecting mobile numbers of subscribers interested to receive advertising SMS and reminder messages in their mobile phones. Accordingly, the mobile numbers we have are separated into categories for more accurate targeting, a matter which will contribute to the realization of a considerable tangible effect for sent advertisements.

The country and city wherein the subscriber is located, as well as other information pertinent to their interests and positions may be determined. Based on such information, they may be targeted with Advertisements that suit their respective desires and concerns, a matter which reinforces the confidence of advertiser and subscriber on equal basis.

Dot Connect subscribers' database is categorized upon:

  • Geographical Area: Country, region and city.
  • Gender: Male/Female.
  • Age: The client can choose the age upon the target segment.
  • Income: The client can choose the income upon the target segment.
  • Occupation: Ex. Employee, Physician, Engineer, etc.
  • Interests: Ex. Fashion, sport, arts, festivals, vehicles, etc.

Advantages of directed advertisement

  • Percentage of viewing the advertisement is 100%
  • Show subscriber respect by sending SMS's that match with his/her interest.
  • Saving the SMS in the receiver mobile phone for long time.
  • Targeting a particular category of the society interested in the advertisement field.
  • Prompt decision taking by receiver.
  • Possibility of sending the message to other people in the future directly by the subscriber.
  • Building customer loyalty.

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