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Web application development

mobile-appsIt is not enough for your business to have a website. If clients only read the content on your website, you could be missing out on branding and sales opportunities.

You need functional applications that make your website interactive, allowing visitors to fill applications, submit and retrieve data, place orders, follow up on relevant status updates …etc through their own browsers. Your clients will thus be able to share, purchase or do anything else you can dream up without having to leave your website.

In addition, web applications may serve to control your in-house work flow activities, generate reports, analyze statistics and surveys, ….etc.


All of these functional interactions are made available on the mobile devices by customized Mobile Applications. They can be either independent applications or integrated with relevant web applications.

Dot Connect “Web Solutions” can create applications that do just that. Whether your goal is to boost sales, create a community or enhance your organization performance we can develop web and mobile application solutions for you.

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