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Take your business to the next level by using the eCommerce platform. The eCommerce business amounts to billions of dollars and is growing at a very high rate on both the global and local levels. With our full eCommerce solution, we help you expand your customer base and get into digital sales.

Our eCommerce Solution Features

Payment Gateway Integration

We integrate into your website an ideal solution to manage all your online payments. The payment gateway of your website will accept all kinds of credit/debit cards, and will meet the standard security requirements.

Shipping Integration

Have the purchased items delivered at the customer site, wherever that may be, through the services of a first-class globally-renowned shipping agent. Our shipping module is rich in features and covers all your business needs.

Easy Checkout

Excellent customer shopping experience with straight forward checkout. Users can experience minimal transactions to complete their purchasing process and to make payments online.

Convert eCommerce into Mobile Apps

We convert your eCommerce business into mobile apps, thus providing you with the great sales tool of being present on the iOS and Android App Stores. You will have unlimited visibility to all customers and will highly grow your revenues.

Easy Product Management

With our dashboards you will be able to easily manage your products availability, categorization, description, images and videos. You will also have good insights into your online orders/sales.

Promotion and Discount Code Tools

Manage special offer promotions more simply with our promo code tools. You can choose product or brand discount, group discount, free shipping and a host of other sales drivers that will enhance repeat business.

Wish List System

Your customer will be able to add products to the Wish List, or move products between the Wish List and the shopping cart. If customer tries to remove a product from the cart, he receives the message “add this product to Wish List?”

Products Compare System

To help your customer select the most suitable item, this system creates for him a comparison table of the features and prices of the selected products on your website. He can thus make the correct purchasing decision.

Product Rating System

We will provide your website with the important Product Rating feature. Your customers can hence write their reviews and ratings, which help future customers be more confident when they make their purchasing.

Loyalty Points System

Encourage your customers to make more purchases by giving them award points based on the orders they place or on their engagement with your website. That can be in the form of quantity discount, bonus rewards or currency mode.

Multi-Currency System

Add to your online business the attractive multi-currency feature by specifying different currencies for your products, using live currency exchange rates that are automatically updated. Your customer will select the currency he likes to use.

Products Return System

This module provides a smart solution to help the customer return an entire order or some parts of it. Within specified time limits, the customer will able to return products or have them replaced or refunded.

One-Click Contact

With the “one-click contact” option, customers will have several means to communicate with you. That can be through mobile calls, automated email forms, WhatsApp and Live Chat messaging.

Email Marketing Integration

We integrate into your website a platform for mass email messages. That will be a highly effective marketing tool helping you broadcast your products promotion and updates to all those who are on your mailing lists.

Optimized User Experience

We deliver secure, scalable and user-friendly eCommerce websites, with effectively categorized product data. Your website will have sustainable user experience and high ranking on search engines.

Optimized Performance and Speed

We make the online shopping enjoyable and worry-free for your customers. Ensure the best eCommerce website performance (speed, security, uptime, etc.) for your online business interactions.

Responsive Website Design

Our eCommerce responsive websites optimize the layout for all devices including PCs, mobiles and tablets. Give your customers a greater flexibility in purchasing, no matter what device they’re using.

Reporting Tools

Gain insight into your merchandise stock, sales and customers’ needs with our full suite of eCommerce reporting tools. With our platform you will never miss out on your ideal sales strategies.


We protect your customers against theft, phishing and fraud with our multi layered eCommerce security platform. Our eCommerce platforms are safe and they meet benchmarked security standards.

Push Notifications

Provide your customers with personalized notifications. With our push notification system, you can drive customers’ engagement on the personal level by directly linking them to your automated messages.

Orders Notifications

You will be instantly notified when a customer places a new order. You are always updated on order count and total sum of all new orders, with the option of price display in the foreign and local currency.

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