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    What is the logo name? (The exact way you prefer your logo to be worded or written out) What is your industry? Any special meaning to the name? If so, please state it How would you describe your services and/or products? What are the long term goals of your company? What are the primary problems you'd like to overcome with this redesign or what is its primary purpose, if this is a new design? (Please attach your old logo if any) Who are your main competitors? (Please include web addresses or attach image of logo) How are you different from your competitors (Your competitive advantages)? What’s the age range of your target customer? Do you have any color preferences, or existing brand colors? Do you have any colors that you do not wish to use? What feeling or message do you want your logo to convey to those who view it? What logos appeal to you and why? (Please include web addresses or attach image of logo)
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